Thursday, October 1, 2009

Facts or Fiction...?

Facts are sometimes hard to take but these facts are far to penetrating to ignore I must share them here with all those who will listen and all those who will hear. One recent fact I heard in a sermon from a respected teacher named James A. McDonald of Walk in the Word was that 90% of Christians fail to share their faith with another through their whole lifetime. Man is this true, why do we fail to share the wonderful message of Jesus Christ to a dying world? Is it perhaps because those 90% of professing Christians are not really Christians at all?

Consider what Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) who was England's best-known preacher said about it and I quote in paraphrase:” If you consider yourself a Christian but do not have a burning desire to see another saved you are no Christian at all” this from a man who preached to 10,000 at a time before the invention of the microphone and the super church. Spurgeon’s humble beginnings were from a small Baptist church of 232 to a super church of almost 6,000 every sermon he gave and there are literally hundreds if not thousands focused on Jesus Christ he said “I take my text and make a beeline to the cross”. The incredible thing about Spurgeon is that he wrote a cache of information about Jesus and most if not all is still available from Pilgrim Publications the motto of his church was “We Preach Christ and Him Crucified”.

According to Darian Kovacs who while still in high School sparked a movement named canadafire to see Christian students be leaders and people of influence in their schools says 96% of Christians in communities have prayed at the Pole in a popular activity that started in Texas called “See You At The Pole” SYATP and is spreading throughout the whole world where local Christians are called to demonstrate their faith and pick a pole and pray for students, leaders and the school system. Of the 96% that participate only a dismal 4% continue to pray at the Pole or almost any activity after an event. In other words we lack commitment and follow through because we can’t do it on our own, we need the Holy Spirit. Christian people everywhere the fake it until you make it method doesn’t work long-term because God sees what we as human can’t see, YOUR BIG BLACK HEART.

Let me ask you this “professing attending church every Sunday Christian” if the world ended in the next 60 seconds would you go to heaven with the rest of the saints that have given and dedicated their lives to God as an acceptable sacrifice and proclaimed Jesus Christ in faith to unbelievers everywhere, or would Jesus say I never knew you? Want to be sure that he doesn’t say I never knew you? Then I challenge you to step up in faith and get involved, don’t believe what I’m saying is true, well before you discount what I’m saying as hyperbole ask your pastor what percentage of people in your church are actually serving you will probably hear 10% but more than likely that number is lower.

What if I challenged you all, too step up in faith and ask God what his purpose is for you; better yet dedicate the rest of your life to serving God TODAY! Would you?

Remember David after he had committed adultery and murder he turned from his sin by penning this little ditty Psalm 51. Go ahead click on it read it and make it your own turn from your wicked ways before its to late remember 60 seconds is not a long time at all which reminds me of a story I heard about Satan planning to take us all with him it went something like this;

Satan is in hell, planning how he will get all of mankind to participate in his rebellion against God and burn with him in eternity. He ponders what lie he will use to make that happen and since he is the Father of lies and has had a lot of time to think about it he knows that the lie must contain some truth.

Now as he ponders that thought along comes a devil of his congregation if you will and says “Lord of Hades and all that is evil I have a sure fire method to get a 3rd of the earths population to burn with us” Satan considers the devils proposal and finally says “alright what do you propose?” the devil then answers. “Well first of all, I will disguise myself as a mortal and go up to the earth. I will then tell them that there is no heaven and there is no hell. According to my data we will get a 3rd of the population down here with us”.

Satan thinks on this for awhile and as he is thinking a 2nd devil comes along who is much smarter and wickeder than the 1st devil. And he says “I have that first devils plan beat by millions and millions of souls” So Satan says “and what would you do that is so much better?” The 2nd devil replies “Well I also will disguise myself as a mortal and go to the earth and tell everyone there is a God and heaven and that there is a Satan and hell, according to my data we will get two thirds of the earths population to participate in our rebellion and burn with us”.

Satan likes these odds much better but ponders further wondering if there is yet another way to get them all...?

As Satan ponders the matter a 3rd devil much smarter than the other two and much wickeder yet by far, full of arrogance and deceit and all works of the flesh (Galatians 5) comes along and makes this proposal “I have those two other bozos plan beat by a Hades mile and can guarantee you the whole shooting match, the big enchilada, every single soul 100% the only thing I ask is to be chief torturer of the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s. So what do you say chiefaroonie tickle yer fancy huh wanna here the plan huh wanna hear the plan?”

Satan says “go ahead slimy underling give me all the details of your plan to get hated mankind to burn with us. Especially since they don’t know that Jesus already defeated us at Calvary by dying on the cross He took all of mankind’s sin upon himself”. So the devil responded with this “I too would disguise myself as a mortal and I would tell the world that there is a Satan and there is a hell and that there is a God and there is a heaven and that the only way to heaven is through God’s son Jesus Christ, the only difference is that I would give them as much time to think about it as they like.

Bada bing, bada boom we get the whole population of the third rock from the sun burning with us for an eternity”. “Genius” says Satan “make it so and while your at it lets teach them to blaspheme God by programming it into their movies and their everyday talk just to make sure we add insult to injury!” We also must get them arguing by introducing hearsay into their Christian lives lets call it "Denominational Divergence".

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According to Don Pickle of Avant Ministries a well known church planting missionary group with locations in the U.S.A. and Canada
the problem lies at the core of Christianity and the fact that we do not reach out in our neighbourhoods like we used to, we fail at the first level of mission work so we fail at the long-term. The facts are that almost every church despite the fact that it is more costly to send short-term missionaries are not supporting long-term missions of five or more years and are not recruiting from within or even adding new Christians daily as they did in the Acts church of the Bible.

Perhaps in the near future as has happened in Europe were it could be considered Christianity was brought to this continent we will need missionaries to visit us from Africa and beyond to re-establish Christ here as well. Or we could as professing Christians stand up and put the King of Kings back to His prominent position as God. Allow our schools to pray and to repeat the Lords prayer as we used to and allow for mission work in the school because we are true believers of Jesus Christ in this country, this continent and we must stand for something or fall for anything. What better way to stand, then on the Rock of Jesus Christ?


The Lord bless and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

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Rachel said...

Powerful post!

Apathy is one of the greatest tools used by Satan within the Christian community to stop us from sharing our Faith. He also uses self doubt, fear and "political correctness" to silence us.

Division among Christians based on denominational differences is also an effective tool to destroy our testimony to the world. It's not so much the there -are- various denominations, I think. It's more that we have the tendency to fall into the us and them way of thinking. If we can finally get passed that and fully embrace our Christian brothers and sisters in unity regardless of their denomination then a major move of God could happen as those stumbling blocks are removed. Denominations can be based on ones culture, prayer and worship style and so on but what we fail to recognize is that those differences are unimportant as long we we all recognize that we are actually a unified family under God, our Father. In my opinion, we (meaning all Christians) have to tear our eyes and attention away from the superficial differences of denominational practices and fully embrace each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Then our ability to be unified overall will be a living example to the world that will speak of the power of Christ.

M.A.C. said...

Hi Rachel,

There are currently over 30,000+ Christian denominations or branches of Christianity.

Denominations cause division within the body of Christ they are like viruses, parasites that feed off the original sin and man's attempt to earn his way back into God's presence. They attempt to destroy the simple message that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also denominations themselves breed more denominations through splits and in-fighting of its members which is another non-biblical concept of the modern church.

Paul said;

One of you says, "I follow Paul"; another, "I follow Apollos"; another, "I follow Cephas"; still another, "I follow Christ."

Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized into the name of Paul?

It's all simply madness and gross negligence of the modern day Pharisee's and Sadducee.

I will stand and be counted against this perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rachel said...

I think I understand where you're coming from but I tend to think that it's not so much the denominations themselves that breed disunity. I think it's more us..the human beings...that let our false pride and ego get the better of us when we begin to see denominations as an "us and them" situation. Personally I think it's very possible for people of different denominational "styles" (for lack of a better term) to embrace our unity under God, our Father while -still- allowing for the differences that may exist in the way people pray, worship, etc. What a great example and testament to the world that would be if we Christians could embrace the fact that we are various "denominations" and -still- remain unified as the body of Christ! If we could do that perhaps people would be start to consider it possible to set aside differences of race, culture etc. Just my thoughts. Unless we Christians can surrender our pride and "us and them" comparisons, it wouldn't matter if there were or weren't such a thing as denominations because the underlying cause of the "us and them" attitude would remain and simply find a new or different avenue to express itself. The change has to come from within our hearts or nothing really changes.

M.A.C. said...

Denominations are from man therefore they are us and we are the problem. You see when man-made religion gets threatened it wants to kill the threat or neutralize it at least.

The history of the Christian church is ripe full of killing and neutralizing in the name of God. But if only we would trust God as Jesus did and allow ourselves to be wronged. We could rise above this problem of "Denominational Divergence" and be as we were meant to be.

Full of God's love for each other for God calls us liars if we say we love him but not each other.