Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jesus started a revolution that the religious man has been trying to quell since it started.

Why would the religious man want to quell what Jesus started you might ask?

Because Jesus went against the religious practices and traditions of his time and He still opposes those practices and traditions today. Man wants to create God in his image and have an impotent God he can control instead of the Omnipotent God of the bible. Man does not only want to control God but also his fellow man through religiosity.

Lets use the site of Mount Sinai as an example the Romans called the current site the true site for Mount Sinai but is it?

Consider this video evidence for a different Mount Sinai site;


The Lord bless and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

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Rachel said...

In every Christian denomination, and even in other religions as well, you will always find those individuals who are more concerned with the practices of the religion or denomination they area part of more than a living growing Faith in God. Of course, you will also see many many people who are following the practices of their Christian denomination AND who have a vibrant living Faith as well. As we human beings can't see inside the hearts of people we have no real way of determining which person is doing which. Thus, we are commanded to keep ourselves from judging other as only God can see the heart. We can pray for our fellows that they may have the gift of Faith as the foundation pf their denomination's "religious" practices.

I also think it's basic human nature to want to know that this place or that place is the actual Mount Sinai as well as other famous places mentioned in the Bible that have been lost to us in time. But really, in the end it doesn't matter if we ever know where these places are or who is "right" about where they are. It's a huge mistake to focus too much attention on who is right and wrong in knowing which place is really which because it can cause people to become arrogant, condemning of other individuals and potentially entire denominations based on things we will never ever know for a fact this side of Heaven. Far better to concentrate on the things that last...the things that bind us together as brothers and sisters...as the unified body of Christ.

But yes, the idea of finding these places is fascinating to be sure.

M.A.C. said...

Hi Rachel,

The problem that we have is beyond pandemic it cannot be fixed by any particular denomination nor can it be ignored any longer.

The problem is and you've heard me say this before 'denominational divergence'

Since everyone cannot be right, then the next logical conclusion is that everyone is wrong.

allow me to expand on that. All of Christianity holds Jesus Christ as the bridge to the Father God, the Saviour of mankind.

Jesus was not a Roman Catholic, Baptist, Anabaptist, Methodist, Protestant, Pentecostal, etc. The list is endless and many branches of Christianity are even hostile towards the others.

This in itself is the problem for the world is to see us as Christians through our love and they see not love but splits and infighting and other worldly crap. It must stop or we will all be standing on judgment day hearing "I never knew you depart from me"

No wonder we have the biggest problems ever in the history of mankind right now.

Pandemic divorce rates that are initiated by the woman (70-90% depending who you believe) and were most men are left wondering what the heck just happened. Children killing children never in the history of mankind has this problem existed.

Why does it exist perhaps children without both Mommy and Daddy working together towards a common goal of learning the one reason we are here.

To learn how to love...

Is this not the message of the Messiah Jesus Christ who was not of any denomination but was a Jew?