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An Atheist & Christian Conversation - continued...

See "An Atheist and Christian Conversation" from Tuesday, May 22, 2007 for the beginning of this conversation.


Historic accuracy says the atheist with undignified guile; if it was truly accurate what explains the persons of King David, Solomon, Uzziah, Hezekiah and many others mentioned only in your fictional book. Archaeological discoveries do not back up the precious words or persons of your book.


How about in 1993 says Christian, when archeologists digging at Tel Dan in the Galilee in northern Israel found a fragment of a stone inscription that clearly refers to the "House of David" and identifies David as the "King of Israel." This is the first inscription outside the Bible that confirms the Bible's statement that David was the King of Israel in the ninth century before Christ.


Perhaps that is true but it still does not prove God nor does it overly convince me that God exists because David was a King in Israel.


David was King in Israel and there is not one archaeological discovery that has ever proven wrong a Biblical reference. For on the contrary, the accuracy of the Bible has been substantiated by archaeological discoveries over and over throughout history. Does not a book of that caliber ask for a reader to read and ask God himself if he is real?


History is a matter of personal interpretation based on your personal view of God; since God does not exist then your history is also in question based on this formula;

Premise: Since there is no God,

Conclusion: there are no absolutes.

Premise: Since there are no absolutes,

Conclusion: everything is relative.

Premise: Since everything is relative,

Conclusion: history is relative.


I see says Christian that your thinking or should I say believing takes more faith than the simple belief that God exists. My personal belief in God exists because I asked and he showed me He is real.

When in my youth I did partner with another in the making of a board game that took a fair commitment of our money and time. When the backers of said game did finally back out and left us with nothing but a useless prototype of the game.

My partner was a Christian and I was not we had nothing left to eat except a box of macaroni and cheese and I said to my partner out of hunger and frustration that I will pray to your God for bread and milk, for even God must know macaroni and cheese tastes better with bread and milk. I prayed and walked a little ways down the street and what did we find on the ground but that what I prayed for bread and milk.

Coincidence says I; not wanting to believe, but the look on my friends face was priceless as it said; you mean you can do that? I did not become a Christian that day but shortly thereafter I did accept Jesus as my personal Savior.

Have you ever asked if God is real?

If you haven't then I challenge you to ask out of the abundance of your heart if God is real and perhaps like me; he will show you as well, that he is real and cares about you and your personal needs.


The Lord bless and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

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