Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Divisiveness of Denominational Divergence...

I was talking with one of my good friends the other evening about my stance on "denominational divergence" he said;"You are being divisive and that's wrong " I said "the problem started long before you or I were ever born, nor am I the first one to point this out" How many people have said this same message and still the problem persists. Even the so called father of the Lutherans who could be credited with breaking away from the strangle hold of the Roman Catholics said;

“I ask that men make no reference to my name, and call themselves not Lutherans, but Christians. What is Luther? My doctrine, I am sure, is not mine, nor have I been crucified for any one. St. Paul, in 1 Cor. 3, would not allow
Christians to call themselves Pauline or Petrine, but Christian. How then should I, poor, foul carcass that I am, come to have men give to the children of Christ a name derived from my worthless name? No, no, my dear friends; let us abolish all party names, and call ourselves Christians after Him Whose doctrine we have.” – Hugh Thomason Kerr, A Compend of Luther’s Theology (Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1943, p. 135)

So lets examine the absolute incredible message of the gospel under the unreliable system of denominational divergence. Is it not an incredible fact that it has survived until now? Men today can accept Christ and live as the first Christians did if only we could recognize the terrible sin and error of denominational divergence.

So what must be done is not an easy task but it is necessary. The complete destruction of the denominational system as we know it. We must represent God through love not money the current system is about money and always was.

Can you operate through love instead of money?

Is the church building more important than your soul?

If you tithe can you not find another worthy cause like homelessness to give your tithe?

Here is a good cause to give your money Melissa spinal cord injury...

Repent before its to late because Jesus explicitly warns in the text that Many are called but few are chosen and I would not want to see anyone who calls themselves Christian to hear;

"Depart from me for I never knew you"


The Lord bless and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

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Anonymous said...

If you truly want unity within the Christian community you might start with a more loving approach to those who are your brothers and sisters in Christ. This is not the first time you have said very disparaging remarks about the Catholic Church. For someone who wants less disunity, you might do well to start practicing a little more of it in your attitude.

I fully agree with your desire to see the body of Christ work together without all the divisions. But haven't you stopped yet to realize that it was the desire of the reformers to seek after their own wills in their angst against the Catholic Church and began the reformation that was the very heart and start of the disunity you keep saying you are fighting against? Once the Protestant Reformation happened THEN there was disunity. Then, without the guidance and unifying Church the Protestants began to become more and more and more dis-unified within themselves (leading to all the numerous denominations you claim to be against) because they started forming churches and denominations around whatever tiny bit of Scripture they "liked" or thought was more important than the whole. It has been the Catholic Church who has remained unified and steadfast all these years since Jesus told Peter "Upon this rock I will build My church". He didn't say "Upon the rock -you- will build -a- church".

In all love I implore you my brother in Christ, please please please set aside your own ideas and seek out God's heart. I fear for you in all honesty! Reach out to ALL your brothers and sisters in Christ be they Catholic or Protestant in gentleness, mercy, tenderness and love. Those are the things that bring unity. Take heed to your -are- being divisive., yourself...are unable to see past your own biases!

I will keep you in my prayers and please know that I have said nothing here out of anger or with malice in my heart.

Your sister in Christ,


M.A.C. said...


For 1500 years Christianity was under the usurped rule of the Roman Catholic church and all that it produced was garbage doctrine with no biblical anchors. No disrespect to you personally. But I'm sure all the people who were abused or died under the Roman Catholic system are cheering me on.

The current denominational mess is a direct result of Roman Catholic intervention in what started as a belief in Jesus Christ the Son of God and an logical continuation of Judaism. Christianity under the rule of the Roman empire became a persecuting religion that killed in the name of God, quite antithetical to the message of Christ. In case you did not know Jesus Christ was a Jew and was sent first for the Jews.

I mean really to believe that Jesus Christ came to earth to start a new religion called Christianity or the Roman Catholic church is completely ludicrous.

For you to question my motives as unloving is typical of trying to get life from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil instead of Christ. Are you God can you see my heart? Just because I don't fit into your denominational mold I am unloving. Rachel I also do not believe in purgatory am I now a heretic because of that?

Nor am I spouting rhetoric that supports any form of denominationlism including those churches that call themselves non-denominational. So I am not singling out just your sect but all sects. And the fact that the Romans started it all. Sometimes the truth hurts. Jesus said; "The truth will set you free"

My true motive is based on the judgment seat of Christ and the fact that if you call yourself Christian I would not want you to hear Jesus say "I never knew you, depart from me"

Consider; Matthew 7

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

Sounds like Jesus is talking about church folk here. My mission is to the churches and the people who populate them. Stay tuned my film called "Bad Christian" will be released soon and should shed some light on what's going on and make you think! Or not, regardless I must do what I feel lead by God to do in the name of Jesus Christ the Saviour of all mankind.

Anonymous said...

You've said your "true motive is based on the judgement seat of Christ". How is it that you are the one sitting in it?

Your answer to me is filled with so much anger and is based on soem misinformation since you stated the RCC produce "garbage doctrine with no biblical anchos. Have you ever read the Catechism of the Catholic Church? They support ever single doctrin with Holy Scripture.

I have never in any of my answers to you claimed tht you are nto fitting into my denominational mold and are therefore unloving. I -did- say your obvious bitterness and lashing out at Catholics is unloving. I remarked on the behavior only. I don't agree with specific people in life be they political, religious, etc but I know that the way I approach them is very important to allowing for open communication and possibly planting the seeds of what will bloom into a saving knowledge of Christ in them.

Abuses against various groups of people have occured by Cathlic and Protestant leaders and denominations alike, unfortuately. No one stand spotless in that area in the past or in the present. Wether that be the "holy wars" in history or the televenagelists of the modern day.

I've always considered all my brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of denomination to be part of the "greater Church". Not based on their or my denomination. The "Church", the "true Chruch or body of Christ" is made up of all those who have had an authentic salvation experience, an experience that is evident in the fruit they produce after having been grafted into the vine. It is not based on denomination but on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The denominations cease to be as big a deal when a person submits themselves fully to Christ because their minds and hearts are renewed to be ever more like His.

All I am asking, all I am concerned about is that it appears by your words and responses that you harbor such ill will and anger inside. That will eat you up, rob you of your joy in the Lord and actually be counter productive to what you hope to accomplish.

I certainly don't wish to add to your anger by engaging in anything that might appear to be in the spirit of arguementation rather than a sincere discussion of differeing views. To argue for it's own sake or would be sin and I certainly don't want to do that myself or lead you into it by my own responses. To that end I may not respond to future posts or may ot follow your blog. NOT because of our differences but because I am trying to to put myself in a postion where I will be tempted to sin. I am praying about it now and waiting on God's direction.

Whatever happens, I will keep you in my prayers and love you in the Lord.

Your sister in Christ,


M.A.C. said...


I'll say it again...

If you think that God the Father sent Jesus Christ the Son to start a new religion called Christianity or the Roman Catholic Church. That in and of itself is completely and utterly ludicrous.

Anger is a funny thing and it is amazing how closely related to fear it actually is. And having a fear that something you believe in is crumbling is OK. Jesus said;

"The truth will set you free"

Darcilyn said...

ludicrous is pretty strong language and does come across angry. i see that you are asking these same questions of others... are you going to respond to their answers in the same way??? i'm scared to answer because you might say i'm ludicrous! why don't you just tell us the answer???