Monday, April 22, 2013


I've been accused of having an agenda when speaking about church. But then doesn't everyone have an agenda of some sort? My belief wasn't instant nor was it developed lightly. From the day I accepted Christ as my Saviour until this day I have been developing what some might call my world view about Christianity. My faith includes an undeniable thirst for the truth that expounds the views of the outwardly religious person that insists he is saved no matter what. If we all meditated on scripture I'm sure we would all understand that many of  the stories that Jesus told were aimed directly at believers that insist they are saved for uttering a few syllables. After all words are powerful, God spoke the world into existence, didn't he? But then we are not God are we. Can we measure our words at the same level as the Almighty? I don't think so!

One  thing I know for sure is that God has an agenda; that Christ gave Himself a ransom for all - showing that God desired their salvation. For all, for everyone, everywhere it also proves that our salvation is our responsibility as well. God gives us the path through Jesus Christ, and that we must walk that path willingly, and with much desire to learn the ways of the Most High. If God desired everyone to agree don't you think He could do it in a nano-sec? Free will is so important to God and valuable to us as humans that we forget that without it we could have all have been programmed like mechanical robots just moving along doing as our programs decree, without the ability to be make our own decisions. Think about it, you want to have chicken, but all thats on the menu is hamburger, no matter how hard you try you just can't have chicken. You want to be inventive, creative, spontaneous, gracious, forgiving but you can't it wasn't in your data base. You weren't programmed to have those abilities nor can you become more than your initial programming. So you forget because you were never programmed to remember, so you can't.

Thank God that thats not true. Yet we allow ourselves to be lead by societal dictates about the sexes such as boys can't cry because big boys don't cry. My boys I encourage to cry if they need too, but more than that, I also encourage them to try to understand what they are feeling and why. In my youth I had two emotions happy and angry! I never understood the other emotions my upbringing and the societal norms soon taught me that this is the way boys are. What a lie, men are sometimes just as emotional as women and in many respects we are driven by the love of our families. The reason we are here is to learn how to LOVE for that is the binding catalyst that brings us in-line with God. For God is LOVE and we are made in his image so we are the LOVE of God yet we allow so much that is antithetical to that LOVE to happen. Perhaps we can blame it on the world or others but the bottom line is that;

"We must fear evil men and deal with them accordingly, but what we must truly guard against, what we must fear most. Is, the indifference of good men."

-The Boondoock Saints

There is a path that we as Christians would do well to learn. You can find it in the Holy Bible at 2 Peter 1:3-11 
"Add To Your Faith - Virtue
To Virtue - Knowledge,
To Knowledge - Self-control,
To Self-control - Perseverance,
To Perseverance - Godliness,
To Godliness - Brotherly Kindness,
And To Brotherly Kindness - Love."

The Lord bless and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, And give you peace.
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