Thursday, December 1, 2011


With the holidays in full gear and the advertising blasting your senses everywhere you go and the meaning of Christmas which to me was never really a fully understood nor supported biblical concept although many Christians think it is. Makes me wonder about our ability to put the blinders on and just continue to trudge forward with no regard to the truth whatsoever.

So I'm outside shovelling the first real snow fall and in weather that is absolutely fabulous for this time of the year. When along comes a fellow that wants to share his faith with me. My first question is what denomination or religion do you represent, his answer "Jehovah Witness" I say well we don't really have much to discuss then do we. Why is that he says?

So I say rather than answer your question how about if I ask you another question? He says go ahead. So I ask "Do you think that God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to the earth to start a new religion called Christianity? He says "Yes I guess in part he did" And I say well then we don't have much to talk about then do we? He continues to press in and asks "why would you say that?" I say well I've asked at least 7,000 people this question in the last three years and I have found out that those that are believers always say "NO" and those that are non-believers always say "YES" its almost like a measurement of a believer.

He then asks if I'm Jewish and I say jokingly only the good part touching my heart, I'm only kidding I'm not jewish. But let me ask you another question? Again he replies go ahead. So I ask "Did Jesus Christ come for the propitiation of mans sins or to start a new religion? Now visualize this; I have my arms up at my sides with the palms facing upwards to represent a scale like the scales of justice. And I say again moving my arms up and down right first "Propitiation" then my left, or "New Religion" he responds and says propitiation. I say thank you for coming out what is your name he says Dave I say Dave nice to meet you my name is Bruce Moar but most people call me BeMore because I can help you be more than you can without me!

He decides that he cant win an argument when dealing with those kinds of truths, so he decides to agree with me and amazingly leaves instead of trying to argue with me. Now I've had many of these types of folks try to convert me before but never has the discussion been so one sided. When you seek the truth it helps you every day...


The Lord bless and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

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